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Ranger/Alice Green 5.56 Elastic Placard

SKU: 0006

Introducing the Ranger/Alice Green 5.56 Elastic Placard you've all been waiting for!


A simple low profile way to carry your immediate essentials in a tight compact package. No need to buy an additional velcro on Tourniquet sleeve that would just add layers to the front of your kit. The back is all hook to maximize its grip onto your platecarrier.


These are QASM clip on Placards that use elastic to hold:

-3 rifle magazines (5.56 in nature)

-2 pen style items (sharpies, Decompression Needles, Chemlights, etc.)

-1 CAT or similarly sized Tourniquet.


Shipping is Included!


Note: This was initially intended to be all Ranger Green however the webbing ended but resembling the older Alice Pack Green so this may be an issue for some. Please take that into consideration if you need this to color match other pieces of gear. Elastic might be a bit tight initially however over time they will break in to your liking. Smooth mags like the traditional GI Mags insert and extract the smoothest while mags like the PMAG Gen3 will be harder to insert and extract due to the numerous ridges it has.

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