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The RAID Pouch


**Note: Pricing has gone up due to us beginning to collect Sales Tax**


       We're proud to finally offer one of our first flag ship products: the Releasable-Abdominally-Integrated-Drop Pouch -or- the RAID Pouch! With the help of First Spear, our OEM Partner, we're offering this product in Multicam, Woodland, Coyote, Ranger Green and Black!


      The RAID Pouch is a unique take on the industry standard hanger, but instead of just hanging under ones front plate and simply holding items, ours uses a First Spear Tube to quickly disconnect from the user. This allows users to better access its contents, lay the pouch next to patients as a medical pouch, hand off the pouch to teammates or simply remove it easily when not needed. The First Spear Tube doesn't just make it easy to remove but also easy to reconnect and can be done single handedly once the user is use to it. 


      The First Spear Tube isn't the pouch's only unique feature. It also features:

-complete zippered opening layout which makes a great IFAK

-internal G-Hooks which can be used to limit the opening of the pouch

-Elastic Tourniquet sleeve on the bottom with shock cord loops included to accomdate user preference

-Internal elastic bands to secure items

-Internal flat pocket 

-Internal tie down point

-Front zippered pocket

-Loop/Molle front panels

-Shock Cord retention Lashing

-First Spear S-Pull Tabs

-ITW TacToggle for Tube Lanyard

-Woodland RAID Pouch is made of 1000 Denier Cordura and features MMI Printed Loop